SSC Multimedia  


"SSC on line" born in Mallorca (Baleares) in 1999 to provide professional web production services. In 2008 integrates in SSC Multimedia (@ sscmedia), adding Internet services Internet 2.0, dominating the major social networking tools and developing methods of capturing unique and exclusive: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Foursquare, Instagram etc. .. . Today our headquarters are in "El Bierzo" (León), since this natural paradise we serve our first clients, working to improve every day and offer an innovative product also to a new companies interested in having a professional web service, based on experience...

We offer full services in web production: Design, programming, hosting, positioning, social media and advertising services after the launch of your website. We create events to boost your brand or open websites. We have extensive experience in working with media companies to provide the necessary solutions for the development of their campaigns: Microsites, DVD's corporate, native application programming and online, setting up social media accounts ...

We are one of the first companies at north west of Spain with "Apple iOS Developer Certificate" for creating mobile APPs for iPhone, iPod o iPad. We also schedule android applications on demand.

1999 – In October 1999, we founded the 1st local site in Balearic Islands with an investment 400 €. In February 2000 the innovative local town of Calvia created the 2nd with a capital 240,000 Euros.

2000 – In year 2000 we constructed a internet access machine with a housing made of Ciudad Real, a software purchased in Canada and Azcoyen Basque purse. It was the 1st Balearic public Internet access and one of the first in Spain.

2000 – Also in 2000 we took over layout, draft Fernando Berlín is now one of the most awarded sites in Spanish language. Today it remains an information reference.

(New languages ??Journalism Award, Award of the year by AUI. One of the top 30 in the world media as Microsoft, along with others such as Washintong Post, Wall Street Journal or the New York Times. A pioneer in broadcasting content for Streaming)

2001 – We take care of security and programming of the Golf Balearic Federation, whose database contains not only the local and national partners, also those of affiliates around the globe.

2004 – Through the division of Cisco Systems in Balearic Islands we developed the control panel of the airline Futura International Airways

2005 – We created the first independent tour booking website in South Africa, the web LIHSA Leading Independent Hotels of South Africa was a benchmark in Africa continent.

2008 – We have programed the first site in Spain with streaming broadcast of football matches for lower categories. Deporte 8 issued football games of 2ªB categorie of Spanish football League and other of 1ª categorie handball.

2011 – We participated in the creation of the first FourSquare event in Spain, and created one of the first global groups of followers in Instagram.